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April 2022

HOUSTON, TX, USA, April 2, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- BossDocOnline.com announces the launch of their new financial literacy bundles celebrating Financial Literacy Month. Boss Doc Online; created by Dr. Barbara Walker-Green, launched in the fall of 2021. BossDocOnline.com complements an animated, online platform designed for youth to increase financial literacy; while interacting with a fun, engaging, and entertaining platform.

BossDocOnline.com goes beyond the basics and develops an even deeper understanding of financial terms and processes with their “Extended Learning” courses. BossDocOnline’s Extended Learning Courses dive deep into financial topics; such as Debt, Assets, Interest, and Liabilities. Online Students can immediately start to practice good money choices with a wide range of animated, on-demand topics, including fun games, and interactive quizzes. These online courses teach youth, a detailed explanation of how to be smart with money, how to budget, and how to practice good money habits.

During the Month of April 2022, in honor of Financial Literacy Month, each course is reduced for access to interactive courses taught by Avatars who guide Students through an animated community of courses that are strategically designed to introduce money basics, drill down to money’s core meanings, and provide practical applications for understanding how money is used in our society. This online platform teaches youth to be smart with money, how to budget, and to practice good money habits. Parents are invited to register at www.BossDocOnline.com.

“…April is Financial Literacy Month and we recognized a vital need to improve financial literacy and to help Parents to begin educating youth during early learning stages. The sooner that we begin to introduce money basics to children; the better are their chances of developing good money habits and preparing them for success in financial literacy. The Boss Doc Online is intentionally designed to provide the expertise needed to keep a child engaged and motivated to take advantage of financial learning and opportunities to become leaders and in control of their future finances." states Creator and Founder of Smart Money with Boss Doc Online, Dr. Barbara Walker-Green.

About BossDocOnline.com:
Boss Doc Online is an online financial literacy improvement course, for youth whose mission is to learn how money works and to use it to generate positive cash flow, fuel innovation, imagination, agility, efficiency, and increase financial literacy.

Meet The Boss Doc:
BossDocOnline.com was created and designed by Dr. Barbara Walker-Green. Dr. Walker-Green earned her Bachelor’s degree in finance, a Master’s degree in business administration, and Doctoral Degree in Business Management; all while raising two children. BossDocOnline.com is an online platform to be used to improve financial literacy by sharing her knowledge, expertise, experiences, and wisdom with young and old people around the world! Passing on knowledge is one of the greatest gifts that Dr. Green has to give and she is always happy to share this gift!

About BLG: BLG Financial is an accumulation of Dr. Green's education and life experience in insurance and financial service and education. BLG is dedicated to servicing the public with tools to increase financial literacy across the world.

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