With HelloCollege, students and parents can easily navigate the challenges of college admission processes.

OAK BROOK, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- For years, students and parents have struggled with the challenging and sometimes frightening, world of college admission processes. The masterminds behind HelloCollege, however, are pleased to announce they are taking much of the undue stress out of finding the right college with its comprehensive support services.

HelloCollege is a team of college admissions consultants who are dedicated to helping students and parents successfully navigate the college admissions process. The company provides a personalized experience, based on students’ unique needs and goals, to build a college list, develop a custom ACT/SAT strategy, create a plan to pay for college, establish a resume that highlights their ‘Stand Out Factor,’ and submit strong applications and essays that improve their admissions odds.

“We believe that everyone deserves quality college planning, but only one in four students graduates from college in four years,” says Rasha Myers, Director of Thought Leadership for the company. “In fact, four out of five switch majors and more than 25% transfer, meaning they most likely didn’t have the proper support they needed when finding a suitable program. There’s no question that applying to college is complicated, but we offer a comprehensive, guided program to help you avoid costly mistakes.”

Getting started with HelloCollege’s admissions consultants is simple and easy. By scheduling a free college planning consultation, families and students will identify and explore academic aspirations and needs throughout high school, and get valuable support while applying to college, too.

HelloCollege boasts three locations in Oak Brook, Illinois, Frisco, Texas, and Denver, Colorado.

For more information about HelloCollege, or to book a free consultation, please visit https://sayhellocollege.com/.

About HelloCollege

HelloCollege offers personalized college prep and planning solutions that help high school students and their families to successfully navigate the college admissions process and find the right college fit. Through the company’s unwavering support, students will see an increase in acceptance odds, reduce the cost of college, prepare for a career after college, and so much more.

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