The Chronicles of Moretti by Samira Shirazi

The Chronicles of Moretti by Samira Shirazi

Maggie's Secrets by Nancy Evelyn Allen

Maggie's Secrets by Nancy Evelyn Allen

The Balance of Wings by Florence D'Angelo

The Balance of Wings by Florence D'Angelo

Springtime is here! Enjoy the warm weather with great recommendations from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new books to read this spring.

Enjoy the spring with wonderful new books from Explore Authors Magazine's list of hot new books to read this spring.”
— Explore Authors Magazine

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 / -- The following books on Explore Authors Magazine's list are available now via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and fine retailers everywhere.

Deserie LaCross proves love doesn't end after 60 in this riveting romantic drama. Steamy romance novels Midway of Light: Edward and Jennifer (Book 1) and Midnight of Darkness: Edward and Jennifer (Book 2) by Deserie LaCrosse is an absolute must-read and a breath of fresh air for readers of any age. Readers will enjoy the suspenseful romance-driven drama that follows the love story of the titled over-sixty couple. We highly recommend this fantastic series. Weezie Publishing, 979-8-9858802-0-5, 979-8-9858802-1-2,

In Maggie's Secrets by Nancy Evelyn Allen, a school teacher must not only unravel the past but unlock secrets after falling in love with a CIA agent who happens to the father of a student in her class. This suspenseful fast-paced romantic thriller will keep your eyes glued to every page. MACE Publishing, 979-8-9857788-0-9

Charming young adult novel arriving April 1st. In The Chronicles of Moretti by Samira Shirazi, siblings Victor and Emma will face a threat unlike anything they have ever seen. The Chronicles of Moretti is spell-binding young adult novel about a family endowed with special powers...special powers the children are unaware of until the family is confronted by a evil force that brings the family’s secret past to light. A fun and adventurous fantasy. Valley West Publishing, 978-0578342559

John C. West's adorable children's book series is on sale now. Children will absolutely adore the Daphne Book Series. The series includes: Daphne the Bored Dog (978-1-7347060-6-2), Daphne's First Halloween (978-1-7347060-7-9), Daphne the Snorer Dog (978-1-7347060-5-5), and Daphne Goes Visiting (978-1-7347060-8-6). Snuffalopolus (978-1734706048) is also on sale now. Look for three new Daphne releases in April 2022 from this prolific children's author and novelist.

Children will love Jason R. Van Pelt's holiday and event children's books collection. Available now: Candy Monsters, Roxanne, Christmas Coupling, and Party Monsters. JVRP, 978-1737157205

Eva by Boyd C. Hipp, III is a romantic high sea adventure and follow-up to Hipp's Mahalo Memories . This is the continuing story of how a young woman must navigate around those who would wish her harm as she continues on her journey into womanhood. If you loved the first book, you will love EVA. We highly recommend. Mahalo Books, 978-0578356006

Florence D'Angelo's charming young adult novel, The Balance of Wings tells the story of a tooth fairy who defies tradition by making herself known to a child. Young readers will LOVE this wonderful and magical chapter book appropriate for all ages. We highly recommend. Independent Thinking Press, 979-8-9856582-0-0

Full Circle follows medical doctor Syed Kamil's, autobiographical look at life through personal experiences in the east and west, and his enlightened path to understanding the humanity of people around the world despite cultural and religious differences. An enlightening and insightful read. Joyson Publishers, 979-8-9857856-0-9

When former music teacher Paula Baack was forced into retirement for helping a student in need it made local and national news. The now retired teacher has written a book about her experience, hoping to help educators from administrative levels to the classroom in her book, Rescue the Teacher, Save the Child! Great book for teachers and parents alike. Back to School Press, 978-0578480442

Seasons of the Pine Bush by Louis Valenti is an extraordinary nature photography book that captures both the wondrous beauty and the spirit of the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, a National Natural landmark located in Upstate New York. An excellent book for a coffee table or simply to enjoy. Paperback or hardcover. Spa City Publishing, 978-1737067429

EC Walsh's new semi-fiction novel, Shaking and Steady: But Not Stirred is on sale now. Walsh covers a number of topics from fiction to semi-autobiographical in his intelligent new book. Walsh is scheduled to release two new books in April 2022, Swizzel Stuck: A Mix of Five and Redux: A Novel about Second Chances. We recommend!

Clash of the Viking Gods by Raj Kalani is an exciting medieval yarn about aliens and dinosaurs…yes, dinosaurs, after a cataclysmic event leads to an alien invasion on Earth among other misfortunes.. A unique high concept plot. Creative Madness Books, 979-8985624502

Mike Hain's philosophical book, Elephants on the Ceiling, will illuminate and captivate readers in search of a book about life and death. This book chronicles stories about near-death experiences. Intriguing. We highly recommend. Check it out, preorder now. ECMS Publishing, ISBN 978-1-7365591-1-6

In After the End: The Journey by R.J. Lynch - After the love of his life was taken from him and his home left in ruins Rob Doran goes in search of the man responsible. He is consumed by his need for revenge. During his search he begins to change. He sees the world that he had abandoned after the War. He sees the people that were left in the wake of it. Most importantly he begins to see the man he wants to be. This is book two, the follow-up to After the End: An Eye for an Eye. Two Hands Media, 978-1734532319

Marco Collina's beautiful story, the Maple Seed Helicopter chronicles the journey of an orphan from Italy to America during WWII in this heartwarming and nostalgic literary tale. A beautiful and inspiring story that will take readers to the Italian countryside circa 1940s. An enjoyable book. MAC PRESS, ISBN 978-0-578-65194-1

Karsynn Icard's inspirational novel, "I'm Fine. How are you? Feelings Inside Never Expressed" will guide readers through self-doubt and past trauma into "...gracing ourselves the freedom and experience to speak our truths." Icard's book is on time for the New Year's resolutions and goals readers not only need, but plan to keep. Humanity First Publishing, 978-0578340142 ON SALE APRIL 2022

In Moosefart, outdoorsman and exercise aficionado Steve, loses his life after refusing to seek medical treatment for ailments he believed only health-living could fix, leaving behind a mysterious safety deposit box that leads to trouble after his death in this smartly written novel by Mary Snyder. Highly enjoyable, COMING APRIL 2022. Steel Roof Press, 979-8-9858721-0-1

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